Making it as simple as can be!

Our process is designed to making the journey of building your dream home as easy as possible. 

1. Getting Started

Whether you have purchased land or not, we’re happy to talk to you about your project ideas – and discuss design and pricing option.

2. Consultation Phase

After our discussions with you, we prepare a project brief based on your personal requirements, budget, land & design preferences.

3. Preliminary Quote

Once you have selected a floor plan/design, Ezy Homes provides a preliminary quote for either kit home materials – or a builders completion contract.

4. Preliminary Agreement

Upon acceptance of the preliminary quote, we ask that clients enter a preliminary agreement to draft plans, and to pay $3,000 deposit towards their new home.

5. Design & Drafting Phase

Our drafting take your project brief and initial floor plan, to prepare your site plan, floor plan and elevations. Clients are able to make changes to their plans – we don’t charge for re-drafts, it’s just part of the design process.

6. Final Quote

Now that your plans and inclusions have been finalised, we either provide final kit home pricing, or obtain builders quotes to construct your new home for you.

7. Agreement to Supply or Builders Contract

Owner/builder clients enter an agreement to supply kit home materials. Builder completion clients sign a builder contract directly with their builder of choice. A 5% deposit is paid at this time for your new home.

8. Working Drawing & Engineering

Our drafting team now produce your full working drawings and we obtain your engineers structural certification, along with the other documents required for building approval.

9. Council Approval

Owner/builders submit documents or use a local certifier. Ezy Homes provides full assistance through the building approval process.

10. Fabrication

Once council approval is received, footings can be poured, then Ezy Homes can start production & fabrication of your custom pole home frame.

11. Delivery to Site

Frame kit materials are generally delivered to site 4 weeks after footings are poured. Lock-up and fix-out materials are delivered to site as required.

Build Yourself - or Contract a Builder Completion?

Ezy Homes offers clients the choice between managing your new home project yourself as an owner builder (most cost effective way to build if you have some spare time), OR having your pole home project managed by a licensed builder under contract (easiest way to obtain finance).

We work with you to develop your house plans and then either provide you with the building materials, as an owner builder, or we supply your custom frame kit to the builder of your choice, for them to include in your licensed builder completion contract.

In both cases, Ezy Homes takes care of the house plans, engineering, footing design, fabrication & supply of your custom steel pole home frame kit.

There are pros and cons to being an owner builder vs builder managed projects. Below we’ve outlined the reasons for and against choosing either option – and listed the steps in the road to building your new pole home.

Owner/ Builder

You organise supplier quotes and sub-trades, then manage your new home project through to completion.

  • The most cost effective way to build a new home
  • Control over the project = control over the result
  • Enjoyment of the process & the result
  • Requires high equity for bank finance
  • Requires time to organise trades & suppliers
  • Requires money management & people skills

Builder Contract

You contract a licensed builder to manage the entire construction process, from council to completion, for an agreed amount.

  • Builder contract will satisfy bank loan requirements
  • Less hassle – less stress – less decisions to make
  • Live your life – leave the building to the builder
  • Builder will charge for organising sub-trades
  • Must trust builder will meet your standards
  • Less “personal attachment” involved

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