Ultra Strong - Fast & Easy to Build Construction System

Experienced in exporting custom homes & structural steel building solutions throughout the Pacific. There are Ezy Homes in PNG, Fiji, Nauru, Vanuatu, Timor Leste & The Cocos Keeling Islands.

Why Choose Ezy Homes?

Our style of elevated pole home construction is ideal for tropical climates, allowing cool breezes to flow under the home – and has proven itself to be fast & easy for local workers to construct. Ezy Homes have stood the test of time, including cyclones & earthquakes.

  • Ideal for Tropical Climates
  • Ideal for Cyclonic / High Wind areas / Bad soil / Remote site / Termites
  • Fast & Easy to Build
  • 24/7 Construction support and optional on-site erection training

What we offer for Export

From frame only homes through to full turn key materials, packed into shipping containers – Ezy Homes can provide a custom design and inclusions package to suit your project needs. Whether you require 1 home or are planning a major development, Ezy Homes can help.

  • Homes & Duplex’s
  • Structural Steel Buildings & Industrial Sheds
  • Mine Accommodation

Shipping Costs - GST - Import Duty

Ezy Homes handles the shipping process, for you to collect at the port of your choice. The total cost to pack and ship a 40′ container is around AU$6,500 to PNG & Fiji.

Goods supplied are unassembled “building materials” – not a prefabricated home classification. Import tariffs generally range from 0% to 15% depending on the product type & country.

Goods supplied to Fiji incur a flat rate 5% import duty and 9% VAT.

All goods & services supplied for export exclude Australian GST, however local GST or VAT may apply. Please confirm current import tariffs with a local customs agent.

Erection Service/ Training

Our structural frame is very easy to assemble. All components are clearly labeled and the house frame simply bolts together.

Frame erection and on-site training is available for larger projects (subject to local visa requirements).

In under a week we can to demonstrate erecting the columns, building the floor structure, laying the floor, building & sheeting the roof – ready for wall frames. Beyond structural frame erection stage, the building requires standard carpentry and trades like electrician, plumber & plasterer are required to complete the home.

Example Export Home Plans

"Pacific 64"

The Pacific 64 has 2 bedrooms, open plan living & an optional 12m2 balcony. The home can be elevated for storage or extra rooms below.

"Pacific 67"

The Pacific 67 has 2 bedrooms & a 9m2 covered balcony. The home can be elevated for storage or extra rooms below.

"Pacific 90"

The Pacific 90 has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms & open plan living, all in a 90m2 footprint. The home can be elevated for storage or extra rooms below.

"Pacific 3-150"

The Pacific 3-150 has 3 large bedrooms, open plan living & 32m2 covered balcony. The home can be elevated for storage or extra rooms below.

Note: All of our standard homes can be exported, as well as custom designs. Above are some example home plans and options.
Note: All export pricing excludes GST.

Example Project - HBS Executive Estate, LAE, PNG

1, 2 & 3 bedroom executive level homes, designed & supplied by Ezy Homes. Constructed by local workers following a week of onsite training.

Ezy Homes drafted & developed plans with the client, then prepared full working drawings for the project – all structurally certified for approval by the local building authority.

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