WOW, nearly a year between news posts – we HAVE been busy. Here is a quick news update.

We have had another busy 12 months, and have been involved in some interesting and challenging projects. Ezy Homes have gone to SA, Vic, NSW, NT, PNG & Fiji.

The challenges faced in these projects have helped to grow our construction system, and is one reason why Ezy Homes is Australia’s leading supplier of steel pole homes. For example, we now have an economical engineered footing solution for mine subsidence building sites.

We’ve assembled the project pics that have been sent to us over the last 12 months, and added the best to our photo gallery. Below are a few examples.

Coming up for construction are a number of 400m2+ multi-generational homes, which are becoming more and more common as people utilise their land – while combing finances to build a large scale home.

Other interesting projects lately have included a huge managers residence to a remote & exclusive Fiji resort, homes with angled columns, and homes that use new/interesting materials like Hebel floors, and Dincell wet walls. We’re also looking forward to working with new products like Inex Floor, which is compressed cement sheeting that can be sealed like polished concrete.

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