Thank you Ezy Homes! I’m a mid 50’s woman from Melbourne with absolutely no experience in building. Not only did the team at Ezy Homes help me design my dream home, but with their continuous guidance and support, my husband and I built the thing! They could have easily left us to work it out after the dealings were done (We only purchased the kit) but instead we called them sometimes 4 or 5 times a day initially, and they totally got us through the build. Our block in Rye Victoria is a crazy steep block and Ezy Home were the only ones who helped us design the right type of home to fit our block and our budget. We are now at lock up and still send them photos and asks them questions. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them. Obviously with a kit home, some things are done differently, but the quality of the steel and all the things they supply with the kit are of excellent quality. I’m happy for anyone to call me if they want to hear from a real customer… Tanina 0414930333. If you’re in Victoria, come check out our awesome house.

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